Services We Provide
We have been in the service business for over 65 years, and service is our main function.

Fast, reliable, and friendly service is our goal. In addition to Blueprint copying, our main function
is to save you time and money. We do this by completing the jobs you need done, quickly and
accurately. In the fast paced environment of today's blueprinting companies, Ontario blueprint
keeps the pace so you can get your jobs out in time! To top it off, we deliver directly to your door
Full Color Large Format Copies/Prints
Color or B&W Copies
Copying service
Large format copying
Scanning (imaging) to CD or File.
Digital Plotting
Dry Mounting and Laminating
Litigation Copying and Support
Vital Records Storage, Protection, and Retrieval
Conversion Image Management
Phone (909) 923-5878
Fax      (909) 923-5938
Our Location
Call us between 8:30 am and 5:00 PM for a pick up, email your plans to us, or simply drop by
with the plans you want to copy. Where else can you get blueprint copies while you wait?

We can also provide equipment at your location, so you can plot your own files.